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Датчик уровня топлива «Epsilon» Fuel level sensor is designed for precision (with accuracy <1%) measuring the level of fuel in reservoirs and vehicle fuel tanks. The sensor can be used in fuel economy control systems (control of fuel discharges and of fuel ups) and in satellite vehicle monitoring systems (GPS/GLONASS) of different manufacturers.

By the way of measuring "Epsilon" sensor is refered to a capacitive type.



    лучший датчик уровня топлива
    • High precision measurement of fuel due to high-resolution sensor level and the best linearity of scale of measurement;


    • Technical modular design (measuring head is installed and removed independently from the fuel probe) that helps to quickly and easily change it if necessary without re-calibration of the tank;
    • The ability to use short measuring probes (for flat tanks in which the depths are less than 30 cm);
    • Protection by the power supply circuits from reverse polarity, of the power supply interface;
    • Light weight (250 g) and the ease in installation.


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    RCS ltd, has over 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of telecommunication equipment. We are also the developers and manufacturers of  GPS monitoring system "Teletrack" which together with the "Epsilon" sensor proved itself successfully on the market in Ukraine and the rest of the World

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