High-accuracy fuel level sensor


Fuel economy up to 30%


Save your money!


Save your money!


Simple installation


Explosion-proof protection


The sensors of Epsilon series provide the measurement of fuel level in a vehicle tank with reduced error no more than 1-2%. This accuracy allows registering the minimal fuel charge and drain volume about 5-10 litres for trucks and 10-20 litres for heavy machinery. Compared with the standard resistive type fuel sensors the capacitive sensors are completely electronically operated and bear no moving parts, ensuring low inaccuracy, stability and reliability in operation.

Simple Installation

All sensors of Epsilon series have a modular design, e.g. the measuring head is mounted and dismantled independently of the fuel probe, which allows easy and quick change, if necessary, the measuring head without recalibration of the tank. This design allows simple installation even in not easily accessible places. 

Operation Safety

All Epsilon sensors are installed partly inside the fuel tank  and partly in close proximity to the fuel tank, e.g.  in hazardous explosive environment. So all Epsilon sensors have approved intrinsic safety barriers (of 1Ex protection type for Epsilon ES and EN, and 0Ex for Epsilon EZ). The explosion-proof protection of Epsilon sensors is confirmed by appropriate national and EU certificates.


Customer Support

Our support service operates for technical assistance of the customers all over the world. Experienced professionals will assist and advise in installation, configuration and operation of fuel level sensors Epsilon.

Our training programm is geared toward helping users to develop the necessary skill set and acquire knowledge and first-hand experience in installing and maintaining of our products.



for liquids (LPG, water, chemicals) in barrels

The sensor is used for continuous non-invasive, digital, automatic measurement of LPG level and other liquids such as water, chemicals.

Sigma ULB measures the level mainly in aboveground stationary cylindrical metal tanks from 10 cm up to 4 meters depending of the liquid density.

The sensor has measurement error from 5% up to 1 mm depending on the model. Can be installed in the 0 explosive zone.

The sensor is a device that consists of one or two ultrasonic emitters / meters connected to a signal converter.

The converter is connected to intrinsically safe unit. The barrier is not included in the installation set and supplied as a separate, independent product.

Sigma ULB has RS 232, RS 485 output and can be easily connected to GPS tracker, PC, notebook, smartphone or digital indicator


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Virtual exhibition e-LPG Week 2020

For the first time RCS Ltd took part in the virtual exhibition e-LPG Week. The company was exhibiting partner on the event. WLPGA as the organizers, have provided the opportunity for the LPG industry to meet, network, and do business during e-LPG Week. Virtual exhibition took place on 2nd – 6th November 2020, and was accessible by more than 600+ professionals from all over the world.

During 5 days, RCS presented to the audience its new innovative non-invasive ultrasonic sensors. First of all, it were ULB sensor for stationary tanks, ULS/ULV/ULM sensors for vehicle cylinders and ULP - portable handheld sensor.


RCS on Warsaw Gas Days 2018

Warsaw Gas Days 2018 is a continuation of the International GasShow Fair, one of the key events for the LPG / CNG / LNG industry. A large, stabilised market and geographical location has allowed us to invite visitors from all over the world, including from Italy, Turkey, Holland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, the USA, as well as countries in South America and Asia.

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