EPSILON fuel level sensor is designed for precision (with accuracy <99%) measuring the level of fuel in reservoirs and vehicle fuel tanks. The sensor can be used in fuel management systems (control of fuel discharges and fuel refills) and in satellite vehicle monitoring systems (GPS/GLONASS) of different manufacturers.


Unique differences from the sensors of other manufacturers:

  • More precise measurement of fuel level due to a higher resolution sensor`s level and the best characteristics of linear measuring scale;
  • Tech modular design (measuring head is mounted and dismantled independently of the fuel probe, which allows easy and quick to change, if necessary, the measuring head without re-calibration of the tank);
  • The ability to use short-measuring probes (for flat tank depth of less than 30 cm);
  • Light weight (300 g) and simple installation.


Capacitive fuel level sensor EPSILON EN is intended to measure the fuel level in the vehicles tanks. Sensor keeps all the functions of EPSILON ES sensor alongside with new functions. In the EPSILON EN there are modifications with digital RS-232, RS-485, frequency, analog (with FV-1x converter) inputs.  

Main advantages of the EPSILON EN sensor:

  • Modular construction.
  • Measuring head is mounted and dismantled independently of the fuel probe that allows easily and quickly to change, if necessary, the measuring head without re-calibration of the tank;
  • Presence of the inclinometer. Designed to provide information about tilt angle of the vehicle. Inclinometer allows to get information about validity of measurement and to perform correction and compensation using 3D model of the tank;
  • Built-in concentrator. Possibility to plug in multiple sensors with digital interfaces and to determine the total fuel level in several tanks of the vehicle;
  • The measuring part is isolated galvanically;
  • Explosion-proof type 1ExsiallCT6 X;
  • Wide range of possible probe length. The sensor with the length of 770mm can be cut down up to 30mm;
  • Non-standard length up to 3000mm; Supports a version of the absolute linear scale and a version of the relative measurement of the capacity of the tank (the measurement with only two extreme points of calibration);
  • Remote update of the configuration parameters and firmware;
  • The possibility to choose a “string in tube” or “tube in tube” construction.


Fuel level sensor Epsilon EZCan be used for control of both petrol and diesel fuel level in any fuel tanks and in any vehicles including big fuel tanks and mobile fuellers. EPSILON EZ with an external low-voltage blast barrier has level of explosion proofness of 0 EX ia IIB T6 that guarantees safe operation of the sensor which is in an explosive environment.







Sensor is purposed for fuel level measurement in containers and fuel tanks of vehicles. Sensor can be used with equipment that supports unified communication protocol Epsilon Data Exchange. Sensor has the electronic galvanic isolation through interface and power-supply circuits. Fuel level measurement is provided by a measuring head together with the probe submerged in fuel, which acts as a condenser, which capacity linearly depends on a fuel level in a tank.

EPSILON® ESx-H digital RS-232, RS-485 capacitive fuel level sensor is designed to measure fuel level in vehicle tanks and reservoirs with high precision (99% accuracy).

Main advantages:

  • High-resolution of the sensor, linearity, temperature stability;
  • Calibration table inside the sensor head. Allows transferring data directly in liters;
  • Galvanic isolation. Protects sensor head from power surges;
  • Monolith construction;
  • Wide range of possible probe length from 15 to 300 cm;
  • Ease of installation. Any hack saw can be used to cut the probe.


Ultrasonic level sensor Sigma

SIGMA ULS non-invasive ultrasonic level sensor. Can be used to measure level of liquids in reservoirs, including LPG in the vehicles tanks. Sensor is fastened to the bottom of the tank and do not have direct contact with the liquid. The device allows us to measure level of water, LPG (propane-butane) and other fluids. Sensor is compatible with various control units, data concentrators and GPS tracking equipment.

Main features:

  • Low cost;
  • Non-invasive;
  • Easy installation;
  • Measuring error 2%.

"The sensor is used for continuous non-invasive, digital, automatic measurement of LPG level and other liquids such as water, chemicals.

Sigma ULB measures the level mainly in aboveground stationary cylindrical metal tanks from 10 cm up to 4 meters depending of the liquid density.

The sensor has measurement error from 5% up to 1 mm depending on the model. Can be installed in the 0 explosive zone.




Ultrasonic level sensor SigmaUDS ultrasonic sensor is designed to measure distances to objects. Specially used in monitoring systems for agricultural work control. The sensor send ultrasonic waves and receives reflected signal back. Convertor, build in the sensor, performs calculation of the distance to the object.

Main features:  

• Ultrasonic;
• Dust proof IP68 design;
• Standard fuel level sensor protocol;
• Easy installation;
• Measuring error 1%.

The RFID Card Reader is used to identify driver staff by reading the ID codes of RFID cards. The identifier allows you to control the actuator (electronic lock, valve, etc.) using the built-in key element if the current card code and the code in the internal card database match.

The reader can be used both as a part of the RFID system and as a separate device. Can be easily connected/integrated with 3rd part GPS devices.

Supported interfaces: RS-232, RS-485, 1-Wire

Working standards: EM-Marin 125 kHz, ISO14443A (MIFARE) 13,56 MHz

Card reader is destined for registration of working time and for identification of the driver. Driver puts his personnel RFID-card to the reader, which detects his unique code and transfer to the board controller. Reader functions overnoise immune interfaces RS-485 and RS-232.

For identification of driver's staff RFID – cards are applied. Each of them keeps an individual ID-code of a driver. During use of the vehicle the driver inserts the card into RFID–card reader that reads its ID-code and passes it to the system TELETRACK. The latter is informed that the driver with a defined ID-code uses the vehicle.

 Galvanic stabilizer is used for isolating the power supply system GPS-tracker, fuel level sensors and other devices. The stabilizer provides galvanic isolation of power chains and hardware. Applied when necessary to provide power if you disable the «masses».

The stabilizer provides protection against conducted interference of the 4th degree of hardness to board a 12 V, and third degrees for 24 V. Provides functional class «C» (it self-renews after prolonged exposure to stress from −1000 V to +160 V) and a class «A» (work without interruption in the voltage range 12–40 V and pulsed exposures of +40 V to +160 V for up to 0.5 sec).

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